OverAlz is a small team of motivated individuals
who have been personally affected by Alzheimer's

We want to put the heart back into the fight against Alzheimer's disease and make
sure we remember why we're here. We understand and appreciate that the very people we
are trying to help are often the same people who provide us with the biggest support.

Our goal is to leverage new technology and use non-traditional advertising channels to
supercharge the impact we can have in research and caregiving, while spreading the
awareness that is vital to realizing a more compassionate world for our aging population.

  • Care
  • Love
  • Research

Our community
Our family

We're building a support network for families and individuals who are looking for their place. Welcome home.

Everyone has a voice
We happen to listen

We want to hear your story. Your knowledge and experience is valuable and everyone can make an impact.

Change is good
We're looking at tomorrow

We fund as many promising research opportunities as possible to get help get them off the ground. The cure for Alzheimer's could be started today.

Ways for you to get involved!

We have a variety of exciting community based events taking place
throughout the year. Join us and make a direct impact today!

  • White Mountain Challenge

    Help us summit all 48 peaks over 4,000 feet in elevation throughout New Hampshire. We want to spread awareness from the highest points we can!

  • Hackathon

    Join the Boston tech community for a full day collaborative event where we're writing software to aid caregivers, people living with Alzhiemer's, researchers, and spreading awareness.

  • Volunteering

    We're very ambitious for our size, so we can always use more help getting new initiatives off the ground and making sure everything keeps running smoothly.

  • Donations

    The money we raise is used to make a direct impact in both cutting edge research and innovative caregiving initiatives.

  • Alz In

    Join our support group and talk with families who are facing similar challenges. We're all in this together and nobody should have to fight this battle alone.

  • Friends in OverAlz

    Everyone needs a pal. Help us brighten the day for a person living with Alzheimer's by dressing in overalls and making a new friend.

This ends here

Join our campaign to ensure that Alzheimer's is a battle our kids will never have to fight.